Pysh started in 2004 with scratch and turntable techniques, which gave him confidence in controlling the vinyl. Later on, he became interested in House music, which he plays in many forms: Tech/Deep/Progressive. He tries to diversify his sets with intresting sound arrangements, that's why he often cooperates with other musicians. Performances in clubs gives him powerful kick of adrenaline.
From 2007 till 2009 he was an active member of artistic agency New Artists Promotion. He was an co-organizer of the party series such as: "I SEE YOU", "Gronofonia" or "Lobotomia" and much more.
In 2009 he started to produce his own sounds, what completely changed attitude on music. He issued his first EP after a few months of hard work. Hours spent over new projects, advice from friends and the will to be a better producer are surely the recipe for a success. He became convienced about it in June, after he won a contest organized by a German duet Booka Shade. His remix of "Regenerate" was chosen to be the best.
He mainly issues his music in foreign labels, although he never forgets about incredibly talented polish artists. Pysh doesn't rest on his laurels. He keeps on working on his new productions, gathers contacts, seeks for new inspirations. The year 2013 may turn out very interesting, but he doesn't want to jinx it. Time will tell...
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Roland Polska
D16 Polska

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Duss - D Love (Pysh Remix) / Agile Recordings
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Redd - Grenoble Mountains (Pysh remix) /Nitodrum rec.
Tom Bednarczyk - Do You belivce (Pysh remix) /WAYMM
Lonya - Blat Runner (Pysh remix) /Tulipa rec.
Harmony Music - Melodia (Pysh remix) /D&B rec.
Midav - Roua (Pysh remix) /Asymmetric rec.
Andre Detoxx (Pysh remix) /Tanztone rec.
PeKa - Prayer (Pysh remix) /Code2 rec.
UNL - Front Mask (Pysh remix) /Tight Lipped rec.
Booka Shade - Regenerate (Pysh remix) /Get Physical
Jacob Seville - Stanley (Pysh remix) /Homage rec.
Yo Montero & Ian Cris - Kontrol S (Pysh remix) /Code2 rec.
Mistral M - Yericho (Pysh remix) /Hello rec.
Stante T - Black Hole (Pysh remix) /Code2 rec.
PeKa - Mojito (Pysh remix) /Stereophonic rec.
Mistral M - What you think (Pysh remix) /New Era rec.

Pysh - Meat In The Beat (After Edit) @ LouLou 50th /LouLou label
Loverdose pres. Summer Essentials incl. Pysh - Nothing but Lies
Kolombo presents Colours compilation incl. Pysh - Bozenka /Loulou
Kontor Sunset Chill 2011 incl. Booka Shade - Regenerate (Pysh remix) /Kontor
One Year vol.1 incl. Pysh feat. BA - Morning coffee /Adult Music rec
Houseball 2012 incl. Pysh - Banderolka and Antybiotyk /Code2 rec.
Part Dwa incl. Pysh - Stolen Wallet (Original mix) /Nitodrum
Best of Autumn 2010 incl. Pysh - Meeting with Buka (Original mix) /Code2 rec.
Ambiguity incl. Pysh - Senior Siarra (Original mix) /Asymmetric rec.
Davide Cali Select 1 incl. Pysh - Guarana (Original mix) /Reiz Musik
Full Spectre incl. Pysh - Taguan (Original mix) /Stereophonic Rec.